SAN Tourism Software Group

SAN TSG, founded by Erol Türk and İsmet Çelebi, continues to develop software solutions and technologies for travel agencies and tour operators with the solution demands of its customers and the right solutions as usual.

As a result of the developments in different areas of transportation routes and means of transportation between cities and countries around the world and in Turkey, it becomes easier to travel further. With these, we made it easier for people to travel, intensified with the feeling of discovering new places, and revealed Sejour travelers.

These short-term personal vacations turned into tours with people looking for more comfort. In line with the intensification of tour plans and the demand of more people to have a vacation, the need for computer technologies and software of tour operators and agencies increased.

With the decision we made as SAN TSG - Software Automation Network Tourism Software Group in mid-December 1992, we began  in Muğla Marmaris and started producing software solutions for our customers.

In order for the agency software systems to keep up with the rapid change of the tourism industry, it is necessary to have high-performance sales-enhancing and quality products. We believe that the success of our corporate company in this direction is possible with high quality service, continuous production and development that meet or exceed customer expectations.

As SAN TSG, together with our research and development staff team, we are proud to be in the market as a high-quality service targeted solution partner for more than 55 countries and more than 500 tourism companies for more than 20 years.

In the software technologies it uses, SAN TSG has taken the task of reflecting the superiority it has gained in terms of experience and innovation, and also strives for its integration with the technology that its customers use daily without problems. Together with all these achievements, our expertise in Tourism enables us to achieve full and absolute success.

SAN Tourism Software Group

As it can be understood from our slogan, SAN TSG does produce any software that are related to the travel industry. As SAN TSG, we have always gained the trust of solution partners and their friendship because of our sensitivity to customer needs and our philosophy of creativity. Thanks to the relationships of our staff with our customers, we believe that production is more successful and that our quality commitments have increased.

"Our company believes that success depends on the continuous provision of high-quality services that meet or even exceed customer expectations. We are confident that high-performance Agency Software Systems are always necessary due to the rapid changes in the tourism industry and are one of the most important tools to optimize the sale and quality of products."