QM Awards 2016 Awards Announced

QM AWARDS 2016 met with the owners of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD) on December 23, 2016 at the Traditional POYD Gala Night at Barut Hotel Lara.

The QM AWARDS 2016 were determined by the POYD Board of Directors after a two-stage vote with approximately 50 thousand tourism professionals from 15 November to 20 December 2016. At the QM AWARDS 2016 ceremony, which was held to add a value to Turkish tourism, awards were presented to the best Managers of Turkish tourism.

"Unity Strengthens"

This year in QM AWARDS AWARDS "Unity strengthens" motto set out from the belief that peace and tranquility in our country will exist only with unity and togetherness in the past years, only the categories of cities have been expanded to cover all regions of Turkey.

Our Sejour Agency Software Program Received Awards This Year

We were awarded this year with our SEJOUR product, as in 2015, in the Best Managed Agency Software Services Category of Turkey, which we joined as SAN Tourism Software Group.

QM Awards 2016 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu

What is the QM Awards?

QM Awards; It is the most comprehensive award ceremony of Turkish tourism, which GM Tourism and Management Magazine (POYD Official Publication) started to organize in 2010 in order to emphasize the importance of MANAGING quality in the tourism industry and aims to bring it to the international arena. The 7th QM Awards this year; It appreciates and encourages hotels, groups, investors, regions, tour operators, agencies, individuals, institutions and private enterprises that have grasped the realities of our age and have made significant progress in the process of institutionalization and branding.

Voting System

“Quality Management” AWARDS are found with a two-stage voting system. The voting takes place with the participation of approximately 50 thousand tourism industry professionals, employees, members and investors. Qm rating; It is offered to GM readers and the tourism industry via e-mail and the voting link on our online site. The final candidates formed as a result of voting are evaluated by POYD and the winners are determined. The first voting phase of this year's “QM Awards,” which has two stages, took place between 15-30 November 2016 and the second between 01-20 December 2016.

QM Awards 2016 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu