We Received the ATSO Root Award in the Digital Transformation Category with Hotel2sejour.

ATSO KÖK Awards Announced

"Kente Önem Katanalar" also known as "Contributers of City Awards" (KÖK), which were given for the first time this year by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), met with their owners.​

"We presented the awards to the project owners who entered the rank in the city category in our room," ATSO President Davut Çetin noted that they could not deliver the awards with a ceremony due to Pandemic measures. We will deliver the plaques by visiting our award-winning members in other categories, "he said.

"We also sign an innovation"

President David Çetin, who emphasized that they gathered the award ceremonies organized by ATSO under one roof and expanded their scope with the Kent  Awards category

"This year, we have combined our ATSO Traditional Award Ceremony and Foundation Yearbook events, which we have traditionalized as ATSO, under the brand of KÖK . Thus, we sign an innovation. We include our people as well as our members on this roof.

Hotel2sejour ile Dijital Dönüşüm Kategorisinde ATSO Kök Ödülünü Aldık

We will also crown the names of Kente Importance Sellers every year with a social responsibility project in the field of education. This year, we had a gym at Antalya Industrial Vocational High School on behalf of the award winners.

The names of the award winners will live in this gym. On this occasion, as ATSO, we will have made a contribution to Antalya on behalf of our more than 45 thousand members and winners of the KÖK awards.

ATSO President David Çetin presented the KÖK Awards to the winners after their statements.

Hotel2sejour ile Dijital Dönüşüm Kategorisinde ATSO Kök Ödülünü Aldık

Developed within SAN TSG, our writing, which provides online reservation acatrem service to over 5 thousand hotels with agencies, has been seen as a worthy of the ATSO KÖK Award in the Hotel2Sejour Digital Transformation Category.

Chamber President David Çetin presented the ATSO KÖK Award to our Chairman Erol Türk.

Interview with Erol Türk after the award: