Türkiye Otellerine 117 Ülkeden Rezervasyon Yağdırdık

The tourism sector, which has a great contribution to the country's economy and is considered as a chimney-free industry, is an extremely important sector for the development of our country's economy.

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, who came to Antalya due to the International Resort Tourism Congress, which continues with the traditionalization and was held the 9th this year, announced that we closed 2018 with an income of $ 29.5 billion and this year we will reach $ 34.5 billion.

Minister Ersoy stated  as a country that reached 54 million tourists in 2023, we are aiming for 65 billion dollars in income, and it was announced that Japan, China, India, South Korea and Central-Eastern European countries are the target markets.

Minister Ersoy after this explanation, SAN Tourism Software Group (SAN TSG) Chairman Erol Turk, working with software in the global market for tourism to contribute to the 2023 targets in Turkey he said that they were thrilled. He made evaluations about the agenda.

Türkiye Otellerine 117 Ülkeden Rezervasyon Yağdırdık

85% of the incoming Agencies who brings tourists to Turkey use Sejour 

We have become famous with Sejour also starting from 2015, Paximum software was used by Turkey's hotels to do reservation in minutes . Filling the remaining capacity of the hotel, we were able to make a significant contribution to tourism Turkey. " he continued his explanations.

We sent tourists to 170 countries and managed to attract the attention of the foreign investor!

China to Thailand, India to Central Europe, Canada to Chile from all over the world with San TSG and Paximum customers from different nationalities had facilitating reservations to the hotels in Turkey and in many countries. We also contribute to the awareness of holiday destinations and hotels in Turkey.

We continue to grow with the Support of our Customers and Partners

As SAN TSG, we built our headquarters in Lara Barınaklar region, our constantly growing professional staff and the R&D studies we have done with this staff, in the Antalya Teknokent Informatics Valley, which was located in the Akdeniz University Campus in recent months, with an investment of 12 million TL. We moved to our new 4-storey building.

SAN TSG Chairman of the Board of Directors Erol Bey, our goals for the future are found in the assessment of the benefits we provide to Turkey tourism

“We have integrations with almost all global tourism suppliers (bed benches). Many of the world's leading brands preferred us and also certified the quality and strength of our products.

Pobeda Airlines and Atlas Global, the brand of AeroFlot Airlines, provided dynamic packaging and all software from us. Companies such as Russian Ostovok and Russian Express supply products from Paximum. Iran's largest online firm, Alibaba.ir Paximum, cooperates with our brand.

World giant Amadeus sells Paximum products in Global GDS. Companies such as China Ctrip, Dida, Hoaqiao buy products from Paximum. We are the first Turkish company to integrate with Peakwork Hub in Germany.

We are also the first supplier of German dynamic operators in companies such as LMX, JT, XPUR, FORYOU, SCHMETTERLING. We are a Premium supplier at Spain-based Travelgate in brands such as LotsofHotels (webbeds), W2M, Hotelspro and IATI.

With Paximum, we have enabled travel lovers from 172 countries to operate in a total of 170 countries. We aim to close this year with 250,000 people and a turnover of over 50 million Euros. Naturally, these figures managed to attract the attention of foreign investors.said.

Türkiye Otellerine 117 Ülkeden Rezervasyon Yağdırdık

SAN TSG Chairman of the Board of Directors Erol Türk continued to explain " for the goals of 2023 in Turkey's tourism and as a national software company we have made it our mission to contribute both in terms of software export to the whole world and in terms of promotion.

We are very good in the German market, the most important market in the world. In addition, we are spreading very quickly in the Russian market, Iran and the Middle East market. We have big connections that are about to go live in the UK market. Our software is used in 70 countries globally.

We aim to take part in every channel in the field of B2B in the global market and to be among the top 5 in the world in the medium term in the B2B Online business. For this reason, we moved to our new office of 3,700 square meters in Antalya Teknokent, which has been under construction for a long time last month. In our new office, which has only 15 years of contract, we have invested 12 million TL to stay in Antalya Teknokent.

I think that with our new headquarters building licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we have proved with our investment in what kind of ambitious and growth targets we are in the global tourism market. Here we plan to create jobs for 400 people in the medium term.

Hotels in Turkey Reservations from many different sales channels start coming to the hotel instantly when they load their idle capacities, that is, the rooms they want to sell during their vacant period, to our Paximum system through incoming agencies.

Thus, we provide serious contributions to hotels that cannot sell their rooms, both in terms of promotion and sales abroad. The first year we had 5,000 people selling hotels in Turkey. 117 tourists come to the country from Turkey to mediate SAN TSG 2023 our goal, is to ensure the flow of all the world countries to Turkey booked. " he concluded his words.