SAN TSG - AMADEUS Cooperation

SAN TSG Now Certified Amadeus API Application Provider

SAN TSG, which offers solution partnerships to its customers in the travel industry with Incoming, Tour Operator, online flight ticket, and hotel reservation software, has signed an IT Partnership agreement with Global Amadeus, which is recognized by all Amadeus offices around the world. (Licensed Amadeus API Client Application Provider)

With this agreement, Travel agencies that want to add Amadeus as the supplier of Amadeus flight tickets and Amadeus Value Hotel content to the software solutions offered by SAN TSG, without the need to purchase an extra CAP/CAU license to access Amadeus Global Web Service applications, can use the existing CAP (Client) of SAN TSG. Application Provider) licensed solutions will be able to benefit from the status of CAU customers (Client Application User).

SAN TSG software teams continue to offer solutions that make a difference in the travel industry in full coordination with global and local Amadeus teams within the scope of this agreement.

Travel agencies and Tour Operators, who prefer SAN TSG in their projects, will be able to use the latest technologies and updates provided by Amadeus in their projects, and in addition to global airlines, including Amadeus Value Hotel content, flight options such as low-cost airlines and NDC content much more quickly they will be able to access. They will be able to reach the highest level in the market, if they wish, by using these products in dynamic holiday packaging, they will be able to provide a competitive advantage and offer rich offers to their customers.

Within the scope of the agreement, the solutions offered by SAN TSG enable travel agencies to easily access the ready-made Amadeus online products of SAN TSG, without the need for any Web Service software and integration effort, to meet their online B2B/B2C, Consolidator or Corporate application needs on the Flight and Hotel side, and in a very short time. enables them to publish their projects.

This agreement represents SAN TSG's competence in travel technology solutions, as well as the close working relationship and long-term strategic cooperation between Amadeus and SAN TSG.

As SAN TSG, we are pleased to announce to you our global cooperation with Amadeus technology company, which shapes the future of travel.


About SAN TSG;

SAN TSG offers Incoming, Tour Operator, online flight ticket, and hotel reservation software solutions with its expert team of 120 people and experienced staff.

With the awareness of the importance of technology and technology evolution in the travel industry, SAN TSG has been producing solutions specific to the travel industry for 28 years. SAN TSG offers tailor-made solutions to offline and online travel agencies, travel wholesalers, and tour operators by producing new generation solutions for the ever-changing and developing travel industry, and constantly improves its technology and infrastructure in line with the changing dynamics of the industry.

SAN TSG's software solutions are actively used by agents of different nationalities in 72 countries today. In addition to the advanced online flight ticket reservation software SanFlight, “Sejour”, which is Incoming agency software and is currently taught as a course in 50+ universities, and “TourVisio”, tour operator software, are locomotive products. In addition to these, “Abacus” as accounting software, B2B, B2C systems, web service – XML products, and “Hotel2Sejour” used by over 5,000 hotels as hotel agency reservation communication, combines the products of 160+ local and global suppliers with the PAXIMUM “Global Travel Marketplace” project and opens it free of charge to the global markets of its suppliers and the dynamic packaging of Tour Operators.



Amadeus was founded in 1987. Amadeus is one of the world's top 10 technology companies dedicated to the global travel industry, serving the travel industry with the highest quality and innovative approach, with more than 19,000 employees of 146 different nationalities and 62 different languages around the world in more than 190 countries.

Amadeus has more than 50 development centers (R&D) around the world, from Bangalore to Boston, from Nice to Istanbul. It is the leading technology company with more than 8 billion € investment in R&D and fully transitioning to Open-Source technology since 2004.

  • 1.9+ billion people travel with Amadeus solutions every year.
  • 646+ million total reservation transactions are made through the Amadeus system.
  • Euro Stoxx is recognized as one of the best performings publicly traded companies in Europe in the 50.
  • Recognized as a world leader in the Software and Services industry in DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) for the last 9 years in a row.

Travel strengthens development. Amadeus' solutions connect travelers to the trips they want through travel agencies, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, rent a car & transfer (mobility), and train. Amadeus enriches travel for billions of people every year with solutions that empower travel.

In a nutshell, Amadeus is a leading technology company that has developed technology in partnership with the travel industry for over 30 years, combining a deep understanding of how people travel with the ability to design and deliver the most complex, reliable, critical systems customers need.