SAN TSG in Informatics 500 became the 1st in Turkey in Agency Software

The "Informatics 500 – FIRST FIVE Hundred Informatics COMPANIES" research, which was held for the 23rd time this year, has been concluded.

The research is organized by BT Haber, the voice of the IT industry in Turkey. According to the research, a detailed study that determines the predictions and features about the market is shared with the public, by listing the 500 largest companies of the Turkish IT sector by turnover, in general and by the sub-categories in which they operate.

Among the Informatics 500 companies, which are the reference of the Turkish IT sector, SAN TSG became the 1st in Turkey in Agency Software.

1st in Antalya among Antalya-based software companies,

We are in the 25th place in Software Exports ranking.

We are in the 60th place among Turkey-based software manufacturers in all sectors.

We rank 300th among all Hardware-Software companies.