Digital Future of Tourism After Pandemic

After the pandemic, a lot of work will fall on companies that develop tourism technologies to stand up. Because the most used word in the pandemic period is the protection of social distance, these discourses are not a very suitable term for the tourism sector. What kind of tourism period awaits us this summer under these conditions?

Turkey and the world, both local and partial global tourism sectors as we have experienced many crises over the years, this time our business was in a very difficult time we said, but it is the first time for the industry. An unpredictable pandemic caught the industry off guard and occurred on a date that could completely end the year. Most of the early booking sales were made, and this process, which was just as everyone was waiting for the season to begin, hit the tourism industry in an unpredictable state when it will end. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the sector these days when normalization steps in tourism are starting to be taken.

85 percent of the incoming agencies that bring tourists to Turkey use the software of SAN TSG and Paximum brands Chairman of the board Erol TÜRK considers the agenda in tourism as follows: “Sector faces the most difficult crisis ever experienced. For this reason, we have intensified our work as a technology company's responsibilities in order to lift the foot after pandemic tourism in Turkey. We tried to provide the products that we need quickly so that the industry can recover quickly on tourism software. With mobility of Sejour, we allowed our agencies to follow their jobs from their homes. We develop mobile products for guide and tour trades. With Hotel2Sejour and passenger applications, we will have online check-in to hotels after the pandemic, creating a solution to maintaining social distance and waiting for tourists in the lobbies for minutes. Our latest product, our online contract module, will also be ready for the new contract period in August, where agency and hoteliers can make contract and action plans over mobile instead of meeting face to face."