SAN TSG and Mobiroller Cooperation

TravelsYou, which emerged with the cooperation of SAN TSG and Mobiroller, aims to make Paximum technology company-specific on mobile platforms, just like in our web platform applications. In this way, as a part of the Paximum ecosystem, you will be able to take part in to our global travel market with your mobile B2B/B2C working models, with your own mobile application on both IOS and Android platforms. Moreover, while doing this, we offer a design platform where you can design your own travel application at a low cost.

Basically, the solution processes that we aim for are divided into two main ideas;

  • To experience the online flight ticket and hotel reservations sales experience directly through the Paximum Global Travel Market Place gateway and to create an online tourism products sales network for travel agency or corporate travel companies even if you do not have your own hotel & flight products.
  • To develop the sales network of hotel & flight B2B/B2C channels for companies that already have their own products in their hands besides by expanding the product range on Paximum gateway in addition to their own products.

In order to benefit from our TravelsYou service, local companies must be TÜRSAB members, and foreign companies must have a travel management certificate of the country that they are in. In addition, a sales contract must be signed between Paximum and your agency. In order for your application to be published on the IOS and Android markets, your store application account must be opened, and the fees and obligations in this regard belong to you.
Modeling logic is basically divided into 2 main categories:

  • Mobiroller-Paximum & Non TourVisio Customer (white label): Customer can be corporate travel company or agency, it only works with Paximum & SanFlight content already connected to the ecosystem (flight ticket & hotel reservation) in this model, online PSPs are managed by Paximum. In line with the determined conditions, the firm and Paximum A.Ş. commission is settled between them.
  • Mobiroller-TourVisio BackOffice Client (Full TourVisio project): If the client wishes, the client can have their GDS and their HotelBeds account content connected as a custom service on the gateway, and besides this, they can also use the products in our Paximum ecosystem, in addition to this can include and work with their own production products and their own contract inventories, their online PSP payment integrations through TourVisio BackOffice. If there is a certain PAX-PNR volume in the company, applications such as per PNR-per PAX traffic-search fee or fix annual service rate can be optionally made in commercial agreement models.

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