After Pandemic Turkey We will quickly book for tourism

SAN TSG Chairman of the Board of Directors ,the one who added value to tourism in Turkey and the founder of the system that will provide fast booking flow Erol Türk, ravaged the world Covid-19 found striking statements for the post-epidemic.

"After Corona Pandemic Turkey will rapidly drain reservations for tourism!"

As SAN Tourism Software Group, we produce software solutions that add value to the travel industry in 72 countries. In addition to Sejour, which is known in the tourism travel agency industry and is the strongest brand in the industry, we established the business model with the Paximum brand we established in 2013 on the transportation of the hotel, tour and transfer product of the incoming agency, which uses Sejour, to the global audience.

For example, an incoming agency operating in Turkey, Sejour users over 700 if one of the agencies all contracted hotels in the system Tour Operators already web services, XML, can be served by Excel or Extranet.

It can also open to the Paximum channel with its own price and reservation-cancellation and the nationality conditions it wants. Thus, instead of making individual contracts with overseas operators, the agency instantly reaches hundreds of sales channels and has the chance to increase their occupancy in a short time.

We Continue To Implement Our New Mobile Applications

Erol Türk, Chairman of the Board of SAN Tourism Software Group, said: “We developed our mobile application in IOS and Android markets called Sejour Mobile and TourVisio Mobile and opened it to the service of our agents during the pandemic period.

We will not charge any fees until at least the beginning of the year for this application, which makes it easier for our Incoming agents using Sejour software and tour operators using our Tour Visio software to track their business from mobile to real time.”He started his words with good news and continued his statements.

After Covid-19 Pandemic, we will also offer Support to Hotels with Online Check In.

Chairman of the Board Erol Türk said, “We are about to finish a very valuable study on the Hotel2Sejour side, which instantly integrates the reservations of hundreds of agencies in the Stay Home process. Considering that the social distance will continue to be preserved after the pandemic, we have done work that will give hotels and guests serious satisfaction. With this work, if tour operators abroad integrate our incoming agencies by fully entering customer data, this information will be available to hotels instantly and online Check In will take place. Thus, guests who come to the reception, whether individually or as a group, will not accumulate in the lobby, and there will be no procedures for entering the hotel. They will also be able to check in online on the way to the hotel with the incoming passenger mobile app.


In the world, which has become a little more digital with each passing day, we have begun to hear the rhetoric from global strategists, as after Corona, all sectors will be digitized faster and even those who cannot keep up with this digitalization rate cannot continue their activities. SAN TSG, a tourism technology software company, also shared the good news that its software, which connects real-time (Real Time) incoming agencies to guides and regional tradesmen, is about to be completed.

It was also stated that hotels and incoming agencies will no longer have to face-to-face contract-action work and manage these processes over mobile. Contract-Action activities were heralded that it will be held on mobile as of August.


SAN TSG Chairman Erol Türk said, “In 2013, we started a new brand journey with Paximum, which means maximum person. Our incoming agencies were trying to contact tour operators from all over the world, one by one, to send them tourist potential. the hotels and tour operators abroad for sightseeing in Turkey, not knowing what they would select incoming companies were doing research for long. By bringing both sides together with our Paximum product, we have provided the opportunity for our incoming agents to sell their products instantly wherever the target market is.

In our Paximum product, which is Travel Marketplace, close to 80% comes from our incoming agencies using Sejour. According to the product loading from Bed Bank, the product loading of the incoming agency is much more valuable. Because, according to the quota agreements they have made in hotels, they can quickly sell and allot their rooms under the reservation-cancellation conditions they want and the conditions they set themselves. Thanks to our Paximum product, they can instantly give their products to the biggest tour operators of important markets for our country such as Russia, Germany and England, without any effort and contract. Moreover, in all the sales they will make worldwide, we have the responsibility to receive payments as Paximum and pay to our incoming agencies, that is, they do not have the risks of not getting their payments.

Pandemi Sonrası Türkiye Turizmi İçin Hızla Rezervasyon Akıtacağız


As a result of the contract we have made with Amadeus with many procedures, which takes a period of more than 1 year, all our incoming agencies are instantly uploading their products to the Amadeus hotel system. In this way, they are able to solve the work flow that they may never enter or they will encounter with a serious cost and effort for more than 1 year and they will offer bank guarantees, thanks to us, quickly and without cost. In addition, we mediate the integrated work of our tour operators and incoming agencies using our TourVisio agency software over the world.


We made a very valuable agreement with Ctrip, China's largest travel platform, on May 7, within the scope of our pandemic process, and Paximum became a supplier to CTrip. At the same time, we started working with Agoda, another company of, which stands out in the Far East. When our Incoming agents want to supply products to CTrip and Agoda, the Chinese travel platform, it is enough to enter their products into Sejour, and by delivering their products to Paximum and CTrip, we initiate an effortless and valuable cooperation on their behalf. said.

Stating that SAN TSG mediated the sales of approximately 250,000 Pax in 2019 on the basis of annual reservations on the Paximum platform, Mr. Türk stated that the targets for 2020 before the Corona were at the level of 450,000 Pax. Although new targets will be revised by the brand, in the post-Corona period, the rapid recovery of the inclusion agencies using Sejour and the sejour-Paximum software within SAN Tourism Software will be able to mediate more tourists coming to Turkey to offer significant support.